Frequently asked questions

What does the cooperation with the agency look like?

First, we send you an initial questionnaire, in which you have to mark elements that you are interested in (e.g. a photographer or a florist, whether you are going to offer transport to your guests or not) and your expected budget. On this basis we create an initial cost estimate. If you accept the cost estimate and want us to organize your wedding, we sign an agreement. Then we set up for work and inform you about the progress at every stage :)

Can the Young Couple specify a wedding budget in advance?

Of course. In such a case, we prepare an offer that falls within the specified budget and, at the same time, meets the Young Couple's expectations. If your budget is limited, we will take it into account when selecting subcontractors. We always make sure that all necessary elements are included within the specified budget :)

What does the service price depend on?

Service prices depend on the number of tasks that we have to perform. We create offers that are adjusted to your individual needs.

How long before the planned wedding date should I contact the agency?
What is the service completion time?

Preparation for a wedding and a wedding reception should preferably be started as early as possible, therefore the sooner you contact us the better. In such a case, you have greater freedom to select the premises, photographer, etc. However, if there is little time left, there is nothing to worry about. As we know the market very well, we are also able to prepare an appropriate last minute offer.

Do you only offer comprehensive organization or is it also possible to order individual services?

The scope of cooperation is adjusted to the customer's requirements. You can either order the organization of the entire wedding ceremony or select single services, such as searching for a photographer or coordination. Flexibility is very important to us and we are open to all variants of cooperation.

We live abroad. Is it possible to cooperate with you without personal meetings?

Certainly. We often cooperate with customers living abroad. In such a case, we contact via the Internet (Skype, e-mail) or by phone and exchange information remotely. Most of our customers prefer this method of cooperation in order to safe time.

Will your representative be with us on the wedding day?

Yes, we accompany you on this day. We see to every detail that we have jointly agreed, we take care of you and your guests. And in the event of unexpected situations, we deal with them so that you could enjoy this special day with your family and friends.

What does the coordination of a wedding / wedding reception look like?

The purpose of coordination is to make sure that everything goes according to the previously prepared wedding /wedding reception scenario. On this day, we are there to make sure that decorations are arranged timely and as planned, we take care of every detail and agree on the last issues. In the event of any unexpected situations, we react immediately without your involvement. We see to everything so that you could enjoy this special day without any stress and your guests were satisfied.