Every Bride deserves to be a guest at her own wedding.
I am Karolina and I will make you feel like one!

I organize weddings in Italy, mainly in my beloved Sardinia.
My job allows me to create something that has value for other people
and to make dreams of a wedding in a beautiful place come true. I feel
privileged to play a part in this journey.

I have been organizing wedding ceremonies in Italy for several years.
Moreover I support my couples and their guests in planning their stay in
Italy. My portfolio also includes wedding planning for international
couples in Poland.

You pick a place, I make it happen.
If you already have a dream Italian wedding venue in mind, but you are
not sure whether you can get married or have a wedding party there, just
drop me a line.

I will be delighted to support you in creating dream wedding.
Whether it is a church, civil, symbolic or elopement wedding, the
renewal of your marriage vows or engagement – I will take care of the
formalities and look after each wedding element,
from finding the right wedding venue, selecting a florist and a
photographer, to arranging a wedding cake, and many more.

Please do not hesitate to contact me. I will be more than happy to
assist you.

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